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1,000 Bosses
Killed 1,000 named bosses
100 Bosses
Killed 100 named bosses
5,000 Bosses
Killed 5,000 named bosses
A Fragment of My Former Self
Completed the "Fragment of Hope" quest.
A Giant Heiry Problem
Rid Vale of Spires of Alcor and Mizar repeatedly.
A Good Swift Kick
Completed the "Gotta Treat 'Em Gentle" quest.
A Hundred Big Ones
Killed 100 party monsters or bosses.
A Hundred Small
Killed 100 minions.
A Maze Mastered
Rid Azarel's Labyrinth of Tabruk, Labyrinthine Stalkers, and Azarel's Juggernauts repeatedly.
A Poke in the Eye
Eliminated Meldita in Argon Corpus.
A Thousand Big Ones
Killed 1,000 party monsters or bosses.
A Thousand Small
Killed 1,000 minions.
A Wrong of Fire and Ice
Destroy Nightmare Kelsaik in Kelsaik's Nest (Hard) repeatedly.
Absolute Agnitor
Completed the achievements listed below.
Accumulated Flurries
Won 10 consecutive snowball fights
Increased your reputation with Agnitor to Revered'
Agnitor Adored
Maxed out your reputation credits with Agnitor.
Agnitor Agenda
Completed 50 daily Agnitor quests.
All By Myself
Completed the solo achievements below:
All You Need is Lore
Completed 200 quests...and you read them all, right?
Allemantheian Allegiances
Completed "The Desert Jewel" quest.
Almost the Pinnacle
Won second place in the battleground tournament
An Achievement You Can't Refuse
Achieved "Revered" with Jax Trust (and a 5% discount on purchases from Orlane in Cutthroat Harbor)
Annihilated an Archer
Won a duel against an archer.
Apprentice Armorsmith
Raised your armorsmithing skill to 5.
Apprentice Focuswright
Raised your focuscrafting skill to 5.
Apprentice Leatherworker
Raised your leatherworking skill to 5.
Apprentice Tailor
Raised your tailoring skill to 5.
Apprentice Weaponsmith
Raised your weaponsmithing skill to 5.
Arcadia Marathon
Completed the Arcadia repeatable quests below 10 times.
Arcadia Vanarch
Declared Arcadia vanarch.
Archer Prime
Server's first archer to reach level 60.
Archer Secundus
Server's first Archer to reach level 58.
Argon Acquired
Completed "The Last Thing We Wanted to See" quest.
Argonea's Triumph
Closed three nexuses in Argonea.
Rid Mistmoor Island of Abraxis repeatedly.
Arun Man
Explored all of the Southern Arun continent.
Back to Velika
Completed "The Guardian of Velika" quest.
Killed 500 named bosses.
Battle Royale
Won 20 battlegrounds in a row.
Battle Tested
Won 5 battlegrounds in a row.
Battle Worn
Won 10 battlegrounds in a row.
Be a Raid, Be Very a Raid
Completed the phase 3 "Mysterious Nexus" quest 20 times.
Beat the Rush
Experienced TERA before TERA: Rising
Behind Their Back
Used "Backstab" 200 times.
Increased your reputation with Bellicarium to revered.
Bellicose Baracos
Rid the Golden Labyrinth of Baracos repeatedly.
Receive 10 gifts of love.
Berserker Prime
Server's first berserker to reach level 60.
Berserker Secundus
Server's first Berserker to reach level 58.