As part of our efforts to bringing the TERA community together, we have created a brand new IRC channel!

This channel is dedicated to both the Tera Tome site, and general TERA discussion. Absolutely anyone is welcome to join!

How to Join

If you are using Windows, we recommend mIRC. If you are using Mac OS X, you may try Colloquy. Feel free to use any other IRC client that you may prefer.

Once you have an IRC client, simply join the following channel:, #TeraTome or you can join us right here on the website with our browser client


You don't have to talk all the time, a lot of users prefer to idle most of the time. If you do talk, a friendly behavior is required. We'd like to preserve a breezy atmosphere.

  • Should you need to paste a lot of text, please use or Pastebin.
  • If you have a question, just ask it. If you don't get an answer straight away, you're probably not being ignored ? other people are just busy!


Spamming, advertising, harassment, insults, and anything that could violate the TERA's Rules of Conduct (e.g. gold selling, hacking, account trading, etc.) will result in a kick from the channel. Subsequent violations will result into a permanent ban.