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ScreenshotsScreenshots have been fixed. Alas, we lost some in the process, so we've love any you submit :)Calthine2013-09-25 17:16:57
Get the Ball RollingI've started working on info and screens as well. After having a quest I desperately needed help…Tainted232012-07-06 11:40:25
Bugs and feedbackbtw 15 achievements found hmm from all only 15 just commenting XDthec42012-07-05 02:22:52
Costume Sectionnop nothing therethec42012-07-05 02:18:49
Question abot questswe need more and more ppl addingthec42012-07-05 02:17:03
'Dropped by' *cough* or game forge now for euthec42012-07-05 02:14:41
Item Information Missingif en masse help it will really make this site bloom fast that's IF btw i think en masse is really…thec42012-07-05 02:12:59
Screenshot problemi think some one should work on it and allow .png to show if some one could work on that ^^;;thec42012-07-05 02:11:23
Get the Ball Rollingstarted to work on info's and screen's hope we get this site rollingthec42012-07-05 02:09:45
Item Information MissingThank you for finally addon *some* items back onto the db, but now some skills are missing icons…Prototyp32012-06-23 01:15:59
Item Information MissingFanesteel, Godsmarrow, Corruption-Covered CuirassOne of our developers tracked down the issue and…fewyn2012-06-20 19:32:22
Item Information MissingFanesteel, Godsmarrow, alot of the endgame stuff is missing.If you are going to neglect it, open it…Figgis2012-06-18 16:32:33
Item Information MissingBeen a few weeks, just posting to state that this is still an ongoing issue.Crevox2012-06-15 20:56:22
Get the Ball RollingSorry, I just now happened to see your post...I'm on the wrong server, but I'm working as much as I…Sethala2012-06-15 19:57:05
Bugs and feedbackTooltips are now broken as well... I had to rewrite your tooltip script and the CSS for it, in…Prototyp32012-06-15 13:48:51
Bugs and feedbackstill almost all Lv 60 items are missing.…Lululu2012-06-15 07:52:10
Bugs and feedbackFar as I can tell today everything is still the same as it was.. Lots of missing items still (not…quack4202012-06-14 16:39:32
Bugs and feedbackFrom the looks of this it should mostly be fixed, there are still some items that aren't getting…fewyn2012-06-13 14:00:25
Bugs and feedbackSadly it's not an easy issue to fix, rest assured I do have developers looking into the issue.fewyn2012-06-11 11:41:55
Bugs and feedbackBug: Your site is still broken.. (Seriously.. Even your button to link a…quack4202012-06-07 21:54:13
Bugs and feedbackNot to also mention... some lvl 58 crystals are missing like...…Prototyp32012-06-02 22:36:42
Love the site.Great site! love the layout and how easy it is to navigate. Going to add what I can when I can.Wulfgarth2012-05-31 23:56:04
Bugs and feedbackmost Tier12+13 are removed. a while ago they still had pages here but now all…Lululu2012-05-29 13:29:54
Bugs and feedbackCan't really give a clear example of what was and what is now since 90% of your database for end…quack4202012-05-29 12:29:36
Bugs and feedbackCan you give me some example items? I'll take them to our developers to see if we can get that…fewyn2012-05-28 23:18:08
Bugs and feedbackuhhm yes... why are all Tier12+13 and most L60 items gone?its endgame and thats what ppl care most…Lululu2012-05-27 22:25:47
Bugs and feedbackSeen a lot of t12/13 armor/weapons a few weeks ago and now they are all gone from the site.. Even…quack4202012-05-27 07:33:20
Bugs and feedbackI guess that's good to hear, I just wish your staff would give us regular updates... Anyways, I'd…Prototyp32012-05-23 09:06:38
Bugs and feedbackWe haven't abandoned it, we're working hard on fixing all the existing bugs and implementing new…Crevox2012-05-23 05:47:33
Bugs and feedbackWe haven't abandoned it, we're working hard on fixing all the existing bugs and implementing new…fewyn2012-05-22 16:17:03
Item Information MissingWe're working on some of these issues you are mentioning, we hope to have some of this stuff fixed…fewyn2012-05-22 16:16:18
Item Information MissingThe %'s are actually %'s now and not "0.07" etc, but still same issues.Crevox2012-05-21 20:16:10
Bugs and feedbackStill can't view the next pages of gear... is this website still receiving updates or did they…Woofu2012-05-21 13:32:55
BugThis needs to be fixed... kind of useless atm with this bugWoofu2012-05-21 13:31:54
Love the site.Just found this, Great start. I'll be contributing as much as i can :)Learic2012-05-21 08:31:54
BugSame here, on Firefox/Chrome/IE, same issue across the board.I posted this before, but apparently…Kari2012-05-20 22:25:06
Item Information MissingCorruption-Covered Cuirass is also missing.Valyvre2012-05-18 21:19:42
Bugs and feedbackGetting the same thing. It really sucks when there's 2-3 pages of information on something.Bitosi2012-05-18 17:28:27
Item Information MissingThe reason they are missing is because they are random stats... but still they should do what they…Prototyp32012-05-14 14:02:43
Item Information MissingBumping this. Info still missing.. Frode7892012-05-13 15:25:30
Yytra's Gathering MapsWhat's funny is, that I have been searching around for something like this. Since I'm currently…Luno2012-05-12 11:07:29
Bugs and feedbackI am also getting can't view next page bug listed right above me so you are not the only one =)…Lilac2012-05-12 10:16:34
Yytra's Gathering MapsI'm sure they have a lot of features in the works, but right now they need what they currently have…Crevox2012-05-11 23:02:39
Npc ErrorAwesome, thanks for the response, and thank you for creating this database. Tera needs more…pekasnipes212012-05-11 16:23:04
Npc ErrorWe're taking a look into this right now. Thanks!fewyn2012-05-11 16:01:23
Bugs and feedbackAm I the only one that can't view the "next page" of any thing? I would have thought I…chrixian2012-05-11 03:00:45
Need power!Yeah absolutly agree, at least till they have somehow a bit of useful info :].Kaia2012-05-10 22:11:07
Yytra's Gathering MapsGreat Idea man! im sure it will be rllly useful to a lot of ppl :D, hope to see it soon. Kaia2012-05-10 22:09:54
Warrior Tank Gylph Build (60) [Must Be Reviwed]Nox2: hey man, yeah this is endgame whit 50 gylph points out of 50, in the build there is energetic…Kaia2012-05-10 19:24:45
Warrior Tank Gylph Build (60) [Must Be Reviwed]Death From Above; this skill does not seem to be utilized in either builds. I would highly…Myala2012-05-10 15:58:35