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By CatTreats at 2012-05-05 17:59:33

Elin is one of the 7 available races in Tera Online. This race is the female version of the Popori. Both races are animal-humanoids, however, Elin take on a more human-like appearance, while the male version, the Popori, takes on a much more animal-like appearance. Despite the very young, childish appearance, Elin, according to the lore, are hundreds of years old.

Elin have two basic animal characteristics when you create one: Ears, and a tail. When creating an Elin, you can choose to be a cat, bunny, fox, squirrel/chipmunk, or ram.

Cat: Large or small black cat ears, with a long, thin, black tail. * Paired with short cropped hair.
Bunny: Thin or raggedy white bunny ears, with a puffy white bunny tail. * Paired with long wavy or straight, flat hair.
Fox: Large tan, or medium-sized pink fox ears, with a tan or pink fox tail (cannot have pink ears with a tan tail and vice versa, unfortunately). Paired with long hair, or two shorter braids.
Squirrel / Chipmunk: Small (smaller than cat) ears with a large, puffy squirrel/chipmunk tail. * Paired with short hair.
Ram: Your hair forms ram-like horns with spikes at the ends, and you have a small, white tail.

* Unfortunately, though Tera has a lot of different ways to customize your character, the animal parts are limited to a couple of hairstyles (as I listed above). But, you're able to change your hair color to whatever you want without affecting your animal parts (won't change ears/tail colors at all).

Racials: Information found at: http://tera.enmasse.com/game-guide/races/elin
Elin racials are not considered the best compared to other races. However, it seems that racials in this game are not something so important to be picky about, and you should always pick the race that YOU want to be because you like it, not because someone says the race is better. Plus, Elin are adorable. :)

Velik's Horn: Any elin of sufficient level can teleport at will to Velika, the federation's capital. 1 hour cooldown.
* Additional Information: This skill is not obtained until Level 12. It can be related to a Hearthstone.
Soothing Presence: If they move slowly and carefully, elins can sneak by monsters. 1 hour cooldown.
* Additional Information: It's a buff that you cast on yourself, which lowers your speed by 40%. Lasts 1 minute, and is cancelled upon using another skill or item, or entering combat.
Horizon Run: Elins hate to waste time, and can speed up their movement out of combat. 30 minute cooldown.
* Additional Information: Another buff that you cast on yourself, that increases movement speed. Lasts 3 minutes.
Botanist: Their tight connection to nature helps elins to gather plant resources faster than other races.
Friendly Current: Elins are at home in water, and faster than other races.

Note: Elin and Popori (likely because they are technically the "same" race) share the exact same racials.
Also: For Melee classes, Elin have a slight advantage with their animations. They jump forward when using a lot of skills, which makes it appear that they're hitting a higher range in front of them. The truth is, it doesn't just LOOK like they are, but they ACTUALLY are. However, it's about a 1.5 meter difference, so it's not a high advantage.

The following information is personal opinion and preference, but I will note it anyway due to the amount of people that share the opinion with me.

Heavy: Elin, personally, have the best plate armor in the game. Well, compared to light armor and robes, it's my favorite. Oddly enough, it has a lot of cute dresses, despite being "plate."
Light: There are a few pieces that I really like, but Elin leather armor has the least amount appealing pieces to me.
Robes: It's very close to plate armor in relation to how many outfits I find appealing, and who doesn't like a cute Elin in a little dress? ;)

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