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Bugs and feedbackAre the post-Sharan continent quests being added in at some point?Also, it would be handy if the…Adagio2012-05-03 02:02:18
Love the site.Looks great, I'll be submitting some screenshots and what not to help out!Havok772012-05-02 14:07:21
Item Information MissingSo all of this is still missing... will we be seeing it soon? Is this a confirmed issue?Example:…Crevox2012-05-07 16:15:30
Warrior Tank Gylph Build (60) [Must Be Reviwed]First of all i apologize for my bad english.Hi, i was looking at this site for the first time and i…Kaia2012-05-08 16:13:31
Commenting on ItemsIn the commenting on items guide this is suggested for a negative rating:"Redundant…Dreyana2012-05-04 14:30:26
Make an app! Idk about everyone else but I do a majority of work from my phone. Would love it if they could make…Spudzx2012-05-02 23:13:36
Quest InformationHello everyone, I am new to this community! Looks good so far but I wanted to help out and do my…xTaka2012-05-08 02:38:03
Yytra's Gathering MapsHi everyone. I'm not sure if this has been suggested, planned or possible, but I want to create…Darkiboo2012-05-08 16:38:14
'Dropped by' Are there plans to add 'Dropped by' information to items, similar to what exists in the wowhead…talana2012-05-03 07:28:23
So how does Tera performHow does it perform in relativity to its competitors(not wow. Rift, SWTOR, or Aion is kinda what I…NeoBlackheart2012-05-09 10:26:16
Screenshot sizeHi,I tired uploading a screenshot for one of the items I currently wear. But the…Lozzano2012-05-05 21:05:41
Get the Ball Rolling I am sad to see the state of this site. I used WoWHead almost everyday when I played. I have…Valyvre2012-05-23 19:43:48
Npc ErrorEverytime I try and go to any npc, I get ErrorTry contacting us about it. Links Return to the…pekasnipes212012-05-11 12:13:22
BugI don't know if it was mentioned already, but I can't seem to look at all the items a monster…Skize2012-05-18 23:24:33
Crafting PowerlevelsGood morning! I first want to say, I'm loving the new site. You guys have saved me quite a bit of…cronogold2012-05-06 10:37:42
Couldn't post in the feedback forum so I'll post here.I've tried uploading a couple of screenshots for Xermetal ore and Yunamas but they appear to break.…DS312012-05-02 23:06:40
Issues and Suggestions1: Submitting screenshots problem: When you submit a screenshot, the site recognizes it, but the…Chronosylvur2012-05-03 00:42:43
About timeI was wondering when you guys would do this, and here it is.Needs polish, I am looking forward to…Crevox2012-05-03 14:26:43
Question abot questsHello and thank you very much for this database!But I have one request. Can you write an NPC that…scarm012012-05-10 03:21:31
Need power!Trying to upload pics of certain NPC's and giving the location, but would be cool if we could be…TehBigCarp2012-05-03 19:15:15
Missing skills on the Glyph Calculator for the Sorc?I don't see Mana Infusion nor Teleport for the Glyph Calculator. I was just curious if something is…Foxx332012-05-05 13:47:40
Screenshot problemI dont get it you tell us to use print screen for tera screenshots and the game saves them as PNG…karaflito2012-05-20 07:11:12
Costume SectionI believe costumes (head ornaments/face masks) section isn't working, but I remember it once did It…Neptar2012-06-12 05:20:13
ScreenshotsGood Morning! We are having an issue with screenshots displaying. I've submitted a trouble ticket. …Calthine2013-07-10 15:47:38