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Ascent of Saravash


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By aRkker at 2012-05-10 06:46:00

A little bit about the bosses:

(Note: I strongly advise clearing the area around this boss. He can very easily pull the others into the fight)

A wide cleave and 2 distinct abilities. First he summons 2 magisters and a bunch of archers behind the fence. Kill the magisters to make the archers disappear. This happens at around ~75% of his health. At 50%, he summons more little adds that are easily taken down. At ~25% he runs away on top of a tree, you have to follow him. Once you catch up to him, he summons a few waves of archers that take huge damage (53 slayer hitting 98k with a normal hit). After that you just burn him down.


1) Clear the area close to the boss
2) Kill the spawning magisters
3) Kill the spawning smaller adds
4) Follow him to the tree and kill him.


This guy is your typical demon fiend BAM, with a twist. Every ~25% of his health, he summons 8 wine barrels. These wine barrels look just like any other breakable barrel. You need to destroy these ASAP. He tries to reach for them and drink them. If he does manage to drink them, he gets 10% of his health back per barrel. He also summons adds twice. On the first go he summons a bunch of small imps and a bigger imp, and on the second go 2 bigger imps and a bigger bunch of small ones. However, at least on my go, the small ones died off automatically due to whatever.


1) Kill wine barrels off asap
2) Kill adds


This guy was the first real challenge, due to our tank being a horrible "I-HOLD-DOWN-MOUSE-2-I-AM-INVINCIBLE"-type of a Lancer. This guy has all the tricks of a normal 2-arms-and-the-big-eye BAM, and a little bit more. Every now and then (seemingly random, I can't tell) he starts to channel a large red circle around him. You have a good 5 seconds to get out of it before it explodes. When it does explode, it deals around 900k damage, so you can't survive it. DO NOT TRY TO STUN HIM IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS. Stunning him caused him to bug for us. The red ring was not visible, however he was still casting the skill causing us to wipe. Every now and then he also gets a shield on himself and gives out a message about monkeys and poison gas. At this point, there will spawn something like 25 monkeys. They will aggro on to a random player (possibly the one closest to their spawn) and keep following him. While this circus is going on, the boss is channeling those previously mentioned poison explosions. Use those to kill the monkeys off.

1) Don't get hit by regular BAM abilities
2) Don't stand in red circles
3) Kite the monkeys into the red circle, should you have the aggro.

Namburus & Rubinaria

That's right. Theres a dual boss. Both of them act like your every day basilisks, as you might by now expect. Rubinaria buffs Namburus when she is close to him, much like Nefarian and Onyxia do in World of Warcraft, if you have played that. Rubinaria runs to the other edge of the shallow 'pool' they are in, to hatch smaller basilisks. These small basilisks don't hit hard and can be killed easily by any DPS. This happens every time there is no 'young basilisks' alive. We did this so that we pulled Namburus to the western side of the pool and Rubinaria to where she runs to spawn the little ones. If your tank isn't a complete doofus, he can most likely tank Namburus without having to get healed. While that was going on, our Warrior tanked Rubinaria while the DPS burned her down. Every time the little ones died, she went to spawn more, and we killed more. She might run off to Namburus after spawning the little ones, but as long as the Namburus tank doesn't do anything to Rubinaria, she should run back to where she was intended to be.


1) Pull Namburus & Rubinaria off each others as far away as possible
2) Kill off the little young basilisks
3) Focus down Rubinaria before anything
4) Kill Namburus


This guy was a tough one. He acts like any other BAM of the type (4 legs, 2 weapons, jumps around a lot, does frontal stuff, hits to his back with his tail etc). Every now and then he spawns these small... things... we called them 'spiders', that fixate on a random player and keep following him/her. Once they get in contact with the player, they will 'deploy' to the ground, spitting poison in a small radius around them. This poison pretty much 3-hits you. The boss also spawns red circles, in which one must not stand. The most challenging part must be the crystal that comes out at 70%, 50% and 20%. He spawns a crystal near the fence. ALL THE DPS MUST CHANGE TO THAT INSTANTLY. You must nuke the crystal down as soon as possible, without any hesitation. While the crystal is up, the boss channels an ability that again deals absurd amounts of damage (critted 1.5 billion on me). However, if you DO manage to down the crystal in time, you get a shield that protects you from all damage up to 20 seconds. That's not all there is to the crystal. The boss also spawns ~15 of the 'spiders' to follow some random player. Usually it was me (slayer) and I had to kite them all in a row, while making sure they don't go close to the crystal.


1) Dodge red circles
2) Dodge little creatures spawned by boss. DO-NOT-GET-NEAR
3) Dodge all the frontal abilities

Hope this post was of any help to anyone, I'm off to bed.

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